About us

Kia Ora – Greetings – Namaste!

Victoria Park Market is an old landmark and a symbol of life in
New Zealand in the early 1900s. A time when life was simple,
leisurely and modest. The distinctive chimney was used
to burn the town’s rubbish brought in by horse carts. Many
stables housed these horses in Victoria Park market.
The OX cart, similarly, epitomized everyday life for centuries
in India, in what was predominately a rural nation. The Ox cart
was the lifeline for the rural folk as it was a convenient means
of transport for both people and goods.
The cart at I Village at Victoria brings back vivid memories of
this unpretentious era. An unhurried pace when food was old
fashioned, authentic and cooked in traditional ways.
Here at, we I Village bring you food that is quintessentially
Indian and original, made with our special home made spices
and masalas. We invite you to explore the ‘asli’ (real) taste of
Indian cuisine – as it was always meant to be….

Swagatam – Welcome -Enjoy!


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